This is a four-day workshop on "Computational Techniques in Materials Genomics" sponsored by IntelligentRobotics, University of Florida, and University of Central Florida.

The workshop aims to bring together researchers, who are interested in developing computational techniques based on the physics-based material models, for innovative discovery of new materials with reduced development time, highly optimized performances and more effective ways to bring them to production.

The workshop comprises of a series of lectures in the morning, and then followed by practical tutorials in the afternoons. The lectures will be conducted by Dr. Marco B. Nardelli (University of North Texas), Dr. Marco Fornari (Central Michigan University) and Dr. Arrigo Calzolari (Istituto Nanoscienze CNR-NANO-S3). Each lecture takes place at:

University of Florida - REEF's Auditorium
1350 Poquito Rd
N. Shalimar, FL 32579

Topics for the workshop include:

  • Introduction to Computational Materials Science and Materials Genomics
  • Introduction to Density Functional Theory and Quantum ESPRESSO
  • Basic Algorithms and Functionalities
  • Electronic Properties and General Post-processing Algorithms
  • Lattice Dynamics
  • Optical and Dielectric Properties, Raman and IR Scattering
  • Electronic and Thermal Transport
  • High-throughput Techniques in Computational Materials science and materials discovery
  • The MTF (Medium Throughput Framework) and


REGISTRATION: All are welcome to attend this workshop, but advanced registration is required. Please register here.

PROGRAM: The program will be updated on the workshop website.

IMPORTANT: The participants are expected to bring their own laptop and be able to install Quantum ESPRESSO software.

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